About UpNorth

UpNorth is a new media platform that brings together Nordic and Baltic Sea region views, issues and features the best ideas and culture that the region has to offer. A combination of some of our favourite platforms: Vice, Foreign Policy, Rolling Stone, New Yorker and Monocle, UpNorth aspires to become a cutting edge voice for the Northern European region.

UpNorth covers a wide range of topics including political and foreign policy analysis; features about music, art, design, architecture and culture; as well as internet radio podcasts and video content.

We believe that the strong commonalities that exist among Northern European and Baltic Sea nations (including Western Russia) can be highlighted in a common media space and in a common language: to promote discussion and to help overcome differences.

UpNorth is a publication of the not-for-profit Nordic Media Foundation and publishes both original features and content from our Baltic and Nordic information network.

The mission of this new platform is to connect a global audience with Northern European and Baltic issues, society, business and culture.

For more information contact info[at]upnorth.eu

Marcus Kolga



Scott Diel

Anders Hjemdahl

Camilla Andersson



Please send your submissions to info [at] upnorth.eu.

We read all submissions and will try to respond within a few days.

Thanks for your interest in contributing to UpNorth.


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