Canadian Baltic Community Petition for New Sanctions on Putin Regime

The Baltic Federation in Canada, representing the interests of Canadians of Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian heritage supports a parliamentary petition calling on the Canadian government to impose Magnitsky sanctions on Russian officials and entities that engage in the suppression of Russian pro-democracy activists and the corrupt oligarchs who enable the Putin regime, including those with assets in Canada.

Furthermore, the petition asks that the Canadian government hold to account Kremlin officials and government supported entities that interfere in Canada’s democracy and intimidate Canadian activists and critics of the Putin

In 2021, thousands of Russians have been violently detained during pro-democracy protests. Most recently, Russian activist and journalist, Vladimir Kara-Murza, who has twice been poisoned by the FSB, was detained at a meeting of municipal political candidates in Moscow in March 2021.

Community members can print out the linked petition and can add as many signatures as they can collect for it. The petition should be mailed free-of-charge to MP Garnett Genuis, whose address is included in the petition document, regardless of how many signatures are obtained. “The Government of Canada has a highly sophisticated tool to hold Russian and other international human rights abusers to account in targeted Magnitsky sanctions,” said Baltic Federation President Andris Ķesteris. “However, this tool loses its deterrent effect when it’s not regularly updated to include human rights abusers and their corrupt enablers – some of whom have their assets hidden in Canada.”

Steps for filling out and submitting your name:
1. PRINT out the petition linked HERE.
2. FILL OUR the fields at the bottom of the petition including your name and signature.
3. Fold the petition OR put it in an envelope and send it FREE-OF-CHARGE
(no postage necessary)

MP Garnett Genuis
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1A 0A6


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