Bárðarbunga Volcano in Iceland Keeps Shaking

Photo: Geir Ólafsson/Iceland Review
Photo: Geir Ólafsson


Six earthquakes above magnitude 4.0 have been recorded during the past 24 hours at, Bárðarbunga in south-central Iceland, five at the northeastern rim of the caldera and one at the southeastern part of the rim.

Hundreds of earthquakes have been recorded in the vicinity of the volcano over the past weeks.

The largest earthquake measured magnitude 5.2, according to the latest update on the website of the Icelandic Met Office.

The subsidence of the Bárðarbunga caldera also continues at a similar rate.

Pollution from the Holuhraun volcanic eruption could be seen in Reykjavik on Friday. The sunrise this morning was blood red and the gas plume could be seen clearly.

.The plume is expected to remain in South and Southwest Iceland on Friday, including in low levels in Reykjavík. A map of the calculation of atmospheric concentrations of SO2 at ground level is available on the website of the Icelandic Met Office.

Yellow indicates low levels of pollution, red considerable and pink high.

A map on the website of the Reykjavík Public Health Authority shows the location of pollution sensors in the capital area and the quality of air at each given time.

Green means that the air quality is good, yellow that people suffering from asthma could experience discomfort and red that people who are sensitive should stay inside and others avoid physical activity outside.

In case of high levels, people who feel discomfort are advised to stay indoors, close their windows, turn up the heat and turn off air conditioning and use periods of good air quality to ventilate the house.

People experiencing adverse effects should be in immediate contact with their healthcare center.

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