Canadian PM Trudeau: Baltic Nations Are “Not A Thing”

In a filmed promo clip uploaded to the Twitter account of an editor at Canada’s Maclean’s Magazine on Monday, new Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau, was asked which of the Baltic nations is his favourite. Trudeau answered, saying “that’s not a thing”.

In addition to the Baltic States being Canada’s NATO partners, there are over 100,000 Canadians of Baltic heritage.

Trudeau has had numerous challenges with foreign policy gaffes. Earlier in 2015 he was unable to identify what NATO’s Article 5 was when asked by reporters and later mocked Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a dispute over hockey.


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  1. says: KS

    Possibly he meant, “that question is not a thing” just like how he also didn’t answer if he preferred Nova Scotia or British Columbia. Maybe he prefers not to choose, as I am sure he realizes that Baltic Nations/States are real things.

    1. says: Alan

      Or maybe he said exactly what he knows.

      Possibly he meant something else altogether from what you discerned between the lines.

      Until words don’t matter, we should probably accept what he said first, then think about covering up for him with what he didn’t say, but what he actually meant.

    2. says: OfayCat

      It’s interesting how you quickly defend this vapid PM. Feckless Justin Truedough … will disappoint, but like Obama, you zombies will give him a pass at every turn. He is special eh?

    3. says: Wayne

      The new PM is better know as Jethro. This is after the dim witted character on the TV show “The Beverly Hillbillies”. Very appropriate.

  2. says: Meelis

    About Baltic countries – of course it is not a thing, as you can not have a personal opinion, you are a servant of a queen.

    1. says: Rita Mikelsons

      It was not a diplomatic response… was the one regarding the BC/NS question.Besides, Mclean’s has already said it was a gaffe….their word, not mine.

  3. says: Kristofers

    Of course he didn’t mean that “the Baltic nations are not a thing” – that’s ridiculous. Obviously he meant that “choosing a favourite” among allied nations makes no sense and is childish (even though his favourite is Latvia). This is a clickbait waste of internet space.

  4. says: Mike Bromley the Kurd

    Of course all the cheerleaders rush right in to remind us, uh, how, ah, thoughtful, um, Justin is? Oh, and he prefers BC…because NS doesn’t understand how condescending he is.

  5. says: Mike in Toronto

    He said that because he doesn’t know what “Baltic” means. Seriously. Justin ‘Beiber’ Trud’oh has the brains of a 12-y.o schoolgirl.

    1. says: asdgod

      Baltic nations/states, there is no difference, both are accepted. Also I hope you mistyped since there are 3 Baltic nations/states not just a nation.

  6. says: Estonian Canadian

    Look, I’m of Baltic heritage, and this community is WAY too sensitive. He wasn’t commenting on the status of the States. Having a favourite in a line of questioning is, indeed, not a thing. See: Not answering about NS vs BC. He deferred because it’s a silly question, not a silly answer. Choose your battles.

  7. says: Jeanne

    I’m pretty sure that he meant that picking a Baltic nation was not a thing he was willing to do. Gosh, people. Calm down haha.

    Also, the French word he said was Topinambour which is a Jerusalem artichoke, I believe.

  8. says: Madis Pugi

    As a proud Estonian-Canadian you should be ashamed of yourselves. He definitely did not mean that the Baltics didn’t exist but another question he didn’t want to have to make a choice on. This is exactly how to get Trudeau and the government against the Baltics at this time of worrisome Russian relations when we need Canada the most. At least have a sense of humor about it like most of us do. Olaf I expect your immediate resignation, or at least change the article to make it tongue and cheek. This article is an absolute insult to many of us Baltic Canadians who are worried about our cousins. Shame on you, Olaf.

  9. says: Snarkfarkle

    “Not a thing!” Who, besides Grade Seven girls, actually says that?? I am so embarrassed that the brain dead Kool-Aid drinkers have turned my beautiful, well-respected country into the new Ovomit regime!

    Perhaps the cheerleaders should be in less of a hurry to defend Le Bébé on his latest bout of public stupidity and a little more concered with what he actually says.

  10. says: Michael H

    I love how the apologistas on here are trying to defend Their Boy Justin. It was a gaffe, it was an obvious gaffe, the Baltic Nations are a thing, and it is hilarious to see his fan club squirm trying to argue otherwise.

  11. says: Snarkfarkle

    “Not a thing!” Who, besides Grade Seven girls, actually says that?? I am so embarrassed that the brain dead Kool-Aid drinkers have turned my beautiful, well-respected country into the new Ovomit regime! Perhaps the cheerleaders should be in less of a hurry to defend Le Bébé on his latest bout of public stupidity and a little more concered with what he actually says.

  12. says: Alan

    Very amusing how many are coming to Trudeau’s defence to distinguish what he really meant, not what he actually said.

    He messed up – it’s ok.
    It’s not hard to imagine that Trudeau wouldn’t know a lot about the Baltics. If I taught drama or snowboarding, I’d probably care less about former Soviet republics, too.

    If Obama can recover from saying “corpseman” and counting 57 US states, then Trudeau can recover from this.
    Expectations were low to start with with Justin. No average voter thought him as Mensa material or a worldly statesman – is a flub like this really unexpected?

  13. says: AnonymousCoward

    If he didn’t want to answer due to the risk of offending, he would simply say, no way I am answering that like he replied about BC and Nova Scotia.

  14. says: Dainius

    Wow, I am a proud Canadian of Lithuanian heritage. I watched the clip, laughed and enjoyed Justin Trudeau’s humor. I understand that he did not want to choose a favorite Baltic state/nation and was wise to defer that answer. He wasn’t making foreign policy statements, just playing a fun on the spot game.

  15. says: Dave B.

    He’s a drama teacher. Ask him something about acting if you want the correct answer. For example, “how long have you been able to turn on the tear ducts at will?”

  16. says: Dave B.

    61% of the electorate knew this guy was dumb as a stick and voted accordingly. Of the other 39%, I’m guessing half have realized there error and are looking to inflict harm on themselves. The rest, are capitalizing on his stupidity and taking the taxpayers to the cleaners.

    1. says: Rita Mikelsons

      The rest of us are dying to illustrate the use of there, their and they’re. Couldn’t resist. Mclean’s admitted it was a gaffe. And we love it when the PM gaffe’s right after coming off of a photo shoot for Vogue. Many Canadians are groping for what it is that people think makes Trudeau a good leader. He is different from Harper, but not better.

    1. says: Rita Mikelsons

      Either way, Trudeau screwed up. It would be nice if he stopped doing publicity stunts and concentrated on being the leader of a country. Gaffe’s selfies, Vogue covers…..oh, my!

  17. says: johnboy

    Oh man this is priceless, listening to the lefty’s line up to defend what is easily the least intelligent* PM to hit the Parliament of Canada. If Harper had said anything this insipid the media would be running the story 24/7. Craig Oliver would have traded that faux stern, thoughtful look on his face for one of pure glee.

    *When I say “least intelligent” I am of course being incredibly and overly polite. Trudeau is of course the dumbest Canadian PM ever…and in all likelihood, the dumbest leader to ever govern a western democracy. Not something to be proud of for those that elected him.

  18. says: OfayCat

    Trudough is an ego-centric narcissist, much like Obama. He has WAITED over 40 years to have PM of Canada literally handed to him, but did he bone up for the gig? No … he played around like the trust fund baby he is … good at snow-boarding, water-skiing, high school drama productions and big hair. Canada is in trouble with this person at the top not to mention the band of worm-tongues behind the throne. So, don’t worry about Trump south of the border … at least Trump has achieved something in his life before taking a run … he will at least understand the issues..

  19. says: Tom

    Or maybe we’re not all gonna die in a nuclear war fought over Narva, because Ed Lucas says Russia equals pure evil and Moscow has nothing better to do than invade a NATO country, because again Russia = evil.

    I can only imagine the hilarious responses one would get from Canadian or U.S. pols if they were ambushed with questions about say, the Azov Battalion. Or how many Polish politicians would literally run away from a camera if asked about Kiev glorifying WW2 mass murderers of Poles.

    Oh well at least the SS veteran parades are no longer a thing in Riga like in the 1990s, because all the old rune wearers died off, right boys?

  20. says: KOed

    Seeing as he didn’t know what NATO’s Article 6 was during a convention where it was in question, and stated that Ukraine and Russia’s conflict was an issue about Hockey ego’s… Yeah, I am pretty sure Justin actually meant the Baltic nations aren’t actually a thing. It would not surprise me in the least.

  21. says: LT

    As a lithuanian I must say Trudeau is not a thing :DDDDD Realy canadians shuld lock him in a zoo with monkeys. I sad before this article and I’m saying now he is clown not a pm.

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