One Person Attends Christmas Service at Keflavik Church in Iceland

Innri-Njarðvíkur church near Keflavik Photo: Visit Reykjanes

Only one person showed up for Christmas service at Innri-Njarðvíkur Church, near Keflavík, on Christmas morning, according to Víkurfréttir. Her name is Anna Meyvantsdótt, a resident of Reykjanesbær. Other people present were Minister Baldur Rafn Sigurðsson, the church choir, the organist and the deacon.

Anna described the service as beautiful and said it was a shame no one else showed up.

The service began at 11 am on Christmas morning, a time when most of the congregation was probably taking it easy at home. Minister Baldur Rafn said this had become the trend at Christmas―people simply weren’t up this early.

He is open to suggestions to change the timing of this service, which is one of a few he is responsible for in his parish on Christmas day. He explained that a large family used to attend service in Innri-Njarðvík for years, but since they moved away, attendance has dropped.

Aside from this service, Baldur claimed he was happy with church attendance over the holiday

By Vala Hafstad from the original posted at Icelandic Review

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