Russia Threatens Sweden with Missile Deployment

In a recent interview, Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov told Sweden’s Dagen Nyheter warned that “it’s every country’s right to decide what form its security should take, but one must understand that if military infrastructure approaches Russia’s borders, we would of course have to take the necessary military-technical action. There’s nothing personal in it: it’s just business.”

On Friday, Russian state media, Sputnik published a report that Russia is planning on deploying new Iskandar missile systems in the North that they claim are “impregnable to NATO forces.”

In the same interview, Lavrov  stated the the Baltic States are ungrateful for their independence.

“When the Soviet Union disappeared they held their referendums and they got to go ‘go in peace,’ no one threatened them. There was no attempt to retain the Baltic states by force, even though there were differing opinions on the issue. For this we have not seen or heard any gratitude,” said Lavrov, forgetting the civilians that were killed by occupying Soviet forces.

In response to Lavrov’s threats, Swedish PM, Stefan Löfven said that “in Sweden, we make our own decisions about our defence and security policy. It is well known where we stand. Sweden has been non-aligned for a long time, it has served us well. We have long let that be known and Moscow knows about it.”

Karin Enström, the Moderates’ foreign policy spokeswoman said Sweden should be asking the Russian Ambassador for a more detailed explanation.

Enström said “I think it’s important that the foreign minister summons the Russian ambassador to explain what Russia and the Russian foreign minster mean by this.”


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  1. The Baltic States fell away from the Soviet Union because the Union offered only poverty, strife, bullying, and threat. Anything the Union offered was based on absolute capitulation and servitude to the Kremlin, the Imperial war chest of Russia and her ambitions for world domination and quasi-enslavement to the criminal Oligarchs…For the record, lets not mince words here, “Soviet Union” and “Mother Russia” are completely interchangeable for historical reference purposes.

    The Soviet Union did not offer a chance at prosperity and civil liberty, and a chance at personal economic & financial freedom and accomplishment. Russia is a nation that gels like liquid cement solely for national pride but withers internally because there is little joy or love within your own borders. The Russian soul is hardened soul, christened by a thirst for power, empathy for the fellow man, belligerence against your own common folk, and ruthless pride of nation. Although you have reformed your nation away from the Godless communist regime, you still do not offer widespread opportunity. Only collective servitude to imperial dreams of militaristic over-lording of any territory that overlaps your own soil.

    Nations bind under agreement to you for 1 of 3 reasons. 1) Because your threaten them with military intervention and cause mayhem in the internal political affairs for any nation who borders you, or 2) The other nation is led by the same power hungry men who also thirst for military might under your umbrella of S-400’s. or 3) Because they want your cheap energy supply.

    Russia is not an economic leader, and if it were not for oil and weapons, you would be dead ass broke.

    Russian, hear me now…. your glory is not eternal. You are mortal. You can be defeated. When it happens, Russia will be divided into 5 independent nations along ethnic majority lines to ensure you are never able to reunite.

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