Sweden’s Social Democrats to Form Minority Government

Far right anti-immigration party comes in third

Conservative Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt resigned as leader of his conservative Moderate party last night after Sweden voted for a new Social Democrat led government. Swedish-Election-2014_01The Moderates lost 7% of their vote total which moved to the far right anti-immigrant party, Sweden Democrats. The Social Democrats led by the inexperienced Stefan Löfven will likely be Sweden’s next Prime Minister.

Following his party’s victory, Löfven said “This is just the beginning of a new social movement, and I am so incredibly proud to be the party leader of the Social Democrats.”

The three center left parties, however, have not made any formal agreements to work together. If they did, the red-green bloc would still fall short of a majority in the Swedish Parliament, the Riksdag.

With their strong showing the Sweden Democrats may play kingmaker in any future coalition.

“We are holding the absolute balance of power now,” Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson said.

Åsa Romson, leader of the Swedish Greens, said of the Sweden Democrats’ success:

This means the main Swedish parties have failed. But we have been their polar opposite before, and we will continue to be polar opposites to all racists.

Swedish media reports that the Social Democrats and Moderates are unlikely to approach the the Sweden Democrats given their extreme positions.


Fredrik Reinfeldt from a September 15  Swedish Radio Interview

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  1. says: Poopieboy

    This is pure disinformation. The SD aren’t racist or far right. Muslims are generally intolerant and have a bigot culture of hate. The good natured Swedes are, hopefully, waking up.

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