Estonian Airline Releases Bizarre “Make A Wish” Promo Clip

The new Estonian government created airline, NAG (Nordic Aviation Group), has released a set of extraordinarily strange videos in an apparent effort promote travel to the southern Estonian city of Pärnu to Swedish passengers.

Not to be confused with the internationally recognized children’s Make a Wish Foundation, NAG’s new video, entitled “Make A Wish” features a 5-year-old child, Sebastien, who asks viewers if they “believe in magic?”.

A second video features an airline captain who reveals that travelers, whose wild wish of winning a free pass to Pärnu’s yacht club in the middle of winter, will only be granted if they “believe that it will come true.” NAG’s campaign, the captain proclaims, is “all about giving.”

The latest videos follow a clip that was initially released when NAG announced its formation. NAG’s first video featured a member of NAG’s executive who in broken English, invited passengers to ride NAG on their “double dailies” to a handful of European destinations. A classroom map with yarn pulled from NAG’s Tallinn hub, marked the new airline’s routes and served as a background for the clip.

The airline’s homepage features an unusually emotional plea for travellers to “please, fly with us. Please, help us to create a new airline from its day one, support us, purchase our tickets for our flights.”

The campaign leaves nagging doubts about the airline’s ability to market itself to anyone outside of its own boardroom.

UPDATE: It should be noted that NAG and it’s production partners have added Google Ads to the video which makes reading of the subtitles on the clip impossible.

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