Former Putin Advisor Says Russia Should Declare War on Baltics and Poland

Former adviser to Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin, Alexander Nekrassov said on Tuesday that Russia should declare war on the Baltic States and Poland via a tweet.

The former TASS correspondent and presidential adviser has actively conveyed the Kremlin’s views in the western media for the past year.

Last year, Nekrassov told Australian media in an interview that he “was always against people who are calling for a nuclear free world. These nuclear weapons, they protect us from any serious conflict in Europe,” and that  “there might be a regional war, yes.”

After the murder of Boris Nemtsov, Nekrassov’s voice echoed the typical Kremlin talking points posthumously discrediting the Russian pro-democracy leader in the western media. In an Al Jazeera piece he wrote that Nemtsov’s “achievements were not so numerous and his so-called attempts to “root out corruption” rarely brought any results, if any at all.”

Nekrassov’s statements about a declaration of war come at a time of increasing tension in the Baltic Sea region. They follow nuclear threats issued by Kremlin diplomats against Nordic countries who plan on participating in NATO’s planned missile shield.


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  1. says: Siimon

    Yes his words should be taken at face value. His words like “…and I really, really hope that the government in Kiev, the interim government, listens to sound advice and not to the advice of people who are members of some NeoNazi groups who are an ultranationalist, who want a great Ukraine at the expense of Russia.” that came from his Australian interview.
    Gee, I wonder if he’ll be attending Neo nazi rally’s going on in Russia right now and informing people NOT to listen to a single thing they have to say.

  2. says: John

    LDPR leader and deputy Duma speaker Zhrinovsky has already done the invasion rant:
    – “Russian colonel Zhirinovsky threatens “total annihilation” of Baltics & Poland”:
    Then it got on prime-time Russian television:
    – “Russian war propaganda threatens to invade Warsaw, Berlin, London in 2015”:

  3. says: Robert

    Typical Russian trick: it’s always somebody “former” (or a second-line politician) who says such things. Russians can’t say some things officialy, or they would be ostracized diplomatically, so they send some former advisor, former minister or former whatever to say outrageous things and try to intimidate countries who don’t want to succumb to their demands. So predictable. *YAAAAAAWN*

    And then they wonder why the entire civilised world considers them Mongols (with all due respect to Mongolia proper).

  4. says: Alexander

    I remember the end of the 1st cold war… I was 18 when it ended… The optimism, the believes in a brave new world.. And to be happy that next generations didn’t have to experience it all… The situation now is much more worse then I experienced in the last 18years of the previous one. However… All the stories about the Russians are quitte clear… But Doesn’t the west do anything? about that we don’t hear to much… or are they really not doing anything? Propaganda comes from all sides… some more subtle then the other perhaps? But one thing is clear… we need our army and navy’s back…. QUICKLY

  5. says: Mark

    Such kind of rehtorics goes on on internal Russian TV already for some time. They used the same tactics for the past 6 years to prepare Russian public for invasion into Ukraine. First, such rhetorics was used against Ukraine by people which are considered “clouns” (like LDPR leader Zherinovsky). After some time people get used to it, and then more respectable people start using it, and so on till the invassion happens, and people are not surprised, not outraged, basically, don’t care. What is interesting here, is that he posts this in English, so this is obviously not aimed at Russians.
    I guess, that they decided ahead of invasion into Baltic states prepare not only Russians, but also Europeans. Probably, their aim is that when Russia invades Baltic states with hybrid forces, then other Europeans will not be surprised, not outraged, basically will not care and pretand it doesn’t happen. This will leave leaders of European countries without public support for helping Baltic states, and they will do nothing, like they do with Ukraine.

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