Nicholas Aylott: Swedish Government May Resign

Radio Sweden reports that top Swedish government ministers gathered on Wednesday afternoon to discuss their response to the opposition’s no-confidence motion. Nicholas Aylott, told Radio Sweden that Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has three choices:

  • Preemptively announce the resignation of one or more of ministers
  • Announce the resignation of his government and call an early general election
  • Announce the resignation of his government without calling an election, thereby letting responsibility for negotiating a new government fall to the speaker of the Swedish parliament

Aylott believes that the government will resign. This could be the first time in history that a government will have fallen due to a cyber security breach.

Aylott told Swedish Radio “my guess is that that most realistic scenario is that the government will resign and then the speaker will ask the opposition parties if they can cobble together an alternative government majority.”

“Then the ball is hit into the opposition’s court and these discussions with the speaker may not be very comfortable for several of the opposition parties.”


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