Sofi Oksanen’s “When The Doves Disappeared” Ranked Among Top 2015 Books

National newspapers in the UK and Canada have selected Sofi Oksanen’s When The Doves Disappeared among the top books of 2015.

When The Doves Disappeared is the Finnish-Estonian writer’s follow-up to her 2008  international bestseller and critically acclaimed book Purge.

Set in Soviet occupied Estonia, When The Doves Disappeared examines themes of repression, resistance, and collaboration in Estonia during and after World War II. Oksanen’s book brings to life an extremely complicated history that saw Communist and Nazi occupiers tear apart families, communities and the entire nation through repression and terror.

Oksanen’s story follows two cousins, Roland and Edgar, who react to the occupation of Estonia in dramatically different ways. While Roland goes into hiding, Edgar decides to collaborate with Nazi forces and later joins the Communists when the Soviet Red Army reoccupies the nation.

The award winning Finnish author released her latest book, Norma, in Finland earlier this year. The book is expected to be released in English speaking markets in 2016.

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Sofi Oksanen speaking in Toronto, March 2015
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