Swede makes world’s longest film

Photo: thelongestfilm.com

Swedish artist Anders Weberg has made a world record 720 hour long film.

The Swedish artist and filmmaker who lives in Kölleröd in southern Sweden is currently shooting his film “Ambiancé”, which he aims to finish and show simultaneously in countries across the globe on New Year’s Eve 2020. The film will then be deleted.

“For me it’s bizarre because I had this little idea that i should make a long film and then I thought how long is a long film – ten hours, no I have done 9 hours before, 20 hours, no. Then I was like, 30 days, that’s long!”, Anders Weberg tells Radio Sweden.

If he succeeds in completing his film at the desired length, he will break the world record for the longest film, which is currently held by Modern Times Forever, which last for over 240 hours.

He has already released a trailer, weighing in at 72 minutes, which was watched by over 200 thousand people online.

The Swede says that his abstract film will centre on his own life over the past 20 years and by its completion will have featured over 3,000 actors. The film will also be his last.

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